This exhibition celebrates the rich history of the ceramic teapot across the world. We are very fortunate to have five outstanding artist jurors selecting the pieces for our show. These artists will be sending a piece of their work to be exhibited in the Grand Gallery alongside our students. Additionally, each juror will select one work to be recognized for their “Juror’s Choice” award.

Steve Hilton (Texas, USA)
steve-hiltonSteve Hilton is a ceramic artist and professor at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas. Hilton earned his MFA in Ceramics at Arizona State University and holds a BS in Environmental Geology and an MS in Art Education from Missouri State University.




Alberto Bustos (Valladolid, Spain)

XIX CONCURSO CERAMICA 03 OTAZO.jpgAlberto Bustos is a ceramic artist living in Spain. The artist only works with porcelain and stoneware. To make his work look like plants in the wind, he first forms each single blade of grass out of clay and then exposes it to high temperatures. By carefully arranging them in an organic-looking way, Bustos’ work is an astonishing symbol of life and growth.



Evelyne Schoenman (Basel, Switzerland)


Evelyne Schoenman is an independent ceramic artist working in Basel (creation and production) and in Liguria/Italy (primitive firing, mostly pit firing, drum firing and sawdust firing). She specializes in pit firing (primitive firing), and her work in this area has received considerable international attention.





Shamai Gibsh (Jaffa, Israel)


Owner of a ceramic studio in Jaffa, Israel where activities include wheel throwing, hand building, sculpturing. Techniques include: Smoke firing and Saggar firings of objects covered with terra sigillata. Terra sigillata is made from clay collected from all over the world.





Jo Huang (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)


For Jo Huang, the ceramic art in her creative consciousness is a form of pure artistic expression ,the aim of which is to express the spirit of the artist’s internal experience. In this area,the ceramic artist creates with a non-metallic inorganic raw materials for the structure, thought the process of heat treatment . “design”, “color”, “motifs”, “decorative” on top of the fact that the form,and should have a degree of the originality, as well as pottery creator of a personal style and spiritual connotation. She explores the theme “The Zen of life “.




This exhibition is organized by our two mentors who are teaching artists guiding the work of our students. The mentors will each exhibit one of their works in the “Grand Gallery” during the show. They will also collaboratively select one student work to be recognized for the “Mentors’ Choice” award.

C.A.Traen (Las Vegas, USA)


C.A. Traen is a teaching artist living in Las Vegas, USA where for the past ten years she has mentored 250 students annually at the Rancho Ceramics Studio at Rancho High School. She active since 2011. She has taught workshops and exhibited in the United States, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Croatia, China, and Taiwan.





Robert Lawarre III (Memphis / Orlando, USA)


Robert Lawarre III is a ceramic artist working and teaching in central Florida. His work can be found at The Design Gallery in Burnsville, NC; Mudfire Gallery, Decatur,GA; Charlie Cummings Gallery, Gainesville, FL; C’Komsa Gallery, Vallauris, France; and Contemporary Ceramics Gallery, Sanyi, Taiwan.